Fluxpen, which was developed and manufactured in Japan, has a special synthetic bristle.

The different lengths and formations of the bristles of the fluxpen help each user find the right solution for their needs and habits, whether they have difficulty to access parts or repairing.

The transparent body of fluxpen helps plan workflows, schedule refills, and with light pressure it’s easy to dose fluids.

The fluxpen is available in both filled and unfilled.


The practical use of the fluxpen allows for a very precise flow of the fluid in the work area while eliminating dripping and flooding.

The fluxpen is easy to clean and maintain with water or alcohol depending on the fluid application and usage.

Fluxpen can be refilled multiple times, reducing overall operational costs and improving efficiency.

More than 20.000 sold brush-pens prove, that we are right, this solution has a place in the Hungarian market.

The size of our users is at least as wide as the field of use of the brush-pens.

The different sizes of the brush-pens' tip, their lubrication options and filler spaces can help you find the best solution to your problems at any case.


Our partners come from a variety of market areas thanks to their different uses of the product, so we have classified them into two major business areas, technical and artistic.

We have also developed product-specific websites accordingly to these groups, but if you have any other type of different use, or you can not find what you are looking for, or just want to get advice on using the brush-pens, contact us and we are happy to answer your questions.

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Technical use

Flux Toll

Artistic use

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